Avarik Saga | An On-Chain Unity-based JRPG Strategy Game

Avarik Saga

For anyone not familiar what is Avarik Saga? 

Avarik Saga is a Unity-based JRPG Strategy Game focusing on character development. As a JRPG game. Avarik Saga draws inspiration from games like Epic 7, Genshin Impact, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy series, and a lifetime of other epic RPG and JRPF games. 

From the foundations of the original magical illustrations by Joel Handojo, the Triforce of Power release of the game will bring to life the illustrations in a 3D free movement game. 

avarik saga

As Avarik Saga’s major focus is on character building, the focus guides players through quests that follow a structured storyline. Along the way, players can engage in different battles and other game modes that will test their strategy, skill, and intelligence.

How are you using NFTs?

The Avarik Saga Universe is a chronicle of 8,888 generative NFT personas, under a unified kingdom of four territories, under four factions: Galacia, Ignis, Terra, and Tenebris. The factions have become a land of violence and despair, with battles raging for the King’s approval.

Each NFT is a character that you can grow, breed, and explore the ever-expanding world of the Avarus Continent through the Lore Campaigns,  PVE (Story, Puzzle, etc), PVP (Real Time and Asynchronous), MMR PVP (Ranked PVP Battle), Raid Wars (Multiplayer Single Instance Dungeons), and Faction War (Mass-Multiplayer PVP). 

As players carry out challenges, battles such as PvE (Player versus Environment) against Monsters and PvP (Player versus Player) against other players, as well as other activities within the game they will not only acquire XP (Experience Points), but they will acquire skills, resources, consumables and most importantly cash. 

Will there be a token, and what will it do? 

There are two tokens, $VORTEM (In-game currency) and $AVRK (Governance Token), that will be accumulated by Players to buy items in the Avarik Saga universe, like consumables, breeding, equipment, other Heroes(NFT), upgrades (Armor, Weapon, Skill, Level) and also be exchanged for cash in the real world.

As they increase the value of their assets, players will have the opportunity to resell assets that they have increased in capability, hopefully for an increase in financial reward.

When can we expect a full game? 

We are currently in the full game development stage, estimated to launch in Q4’2022. To aggregate the battle data to test out the balancing of each character, we have boot-strapped a mini-game in a simple auto-battler without skills or weapons/armor in the link below. (Mini-Game)

avarik saga game

How do you plan to bring in users? 

Our focus is on bringing in new users by utilizing several strategizes. One is to ensure we have a story-driven game on the product side. The current Web3.0 market lacks an immersive game experience tackling a story-driven MMORPG. Rather than branding ourselves as a P2E game, we brand ourselves as a regular game studio that can drive a competitive lore-driven game that entices the users to stick and retain for the ‘fun’ of the game rather than the earning potential. In the end, the definition of a ‘fun’ game does not change whether in Web2.0 or Web3.0. Hence, focusing on delivering a sticky and immersive story experience is critical.

Furthermore, putting a heavy focus on tackling the Web2.0 game community by ensuring we pre-launch our demo utilizing the twitch platform and ensure there is traction in launch with Web2.0 gamers compared to Web3.0 NFT and token speculators. This allows the focus and brand identity of Avarik Saga as a studio focusing on gaming content and gameplay. 

Third, with the help of 6 guilds ranging from YGG SEA to PathDAO, we are able to utilize our SEA presence and networks to drive up major game testing with a total of over 30,000+ scholars to try out the game and scale.

On the offline marketing side, we have an official partnership with EVOS and RRQ, the biggest ESPORTS team in SEA, that allows us to prepare for offline pro-game tournaments and leverage the 2+ Million fan base to get exposure to Avarik Saga.

Who are some of your biggest partners, and how will they help you succeed? 

Our biggest partners come from Morning Star, Dialectics, and East Ventures on the investment side, supporting us with tokenomics workshops and an abundance of insight to ensure a stable economy in the game design. For the game itself, Thomas Vu (Head of Franchise Development at Riot Games) has been an utmost help on our system design of game. For user base attraction, the ESPORTS team, such as EVOS and RRQ, has helped ensure we have a pre-launch campaign ready with the ESPORTS team to drive high exposure for the game launch. YGG SEA, PathDAO, GGG(Good Games Guild), PlayItForward, SnackClub, and Indi.gg have helped work on the implementation of the scholarship system in the game and attract the Web3.0 gaming audience. Lastly, Arcane Bear and CryptoLark have helped gain marketing exposure to the general public interesting in Web3.0 gaming.

What comes next for Avarik?

Short-term, we have updated our mini-game to include faction wars and PvP sync mode to ensure users enjoy a tournament mode with friends and family in real-time. Allowing users to pick and invite who they want to play with simultaneously. Long-term, we will keep pushing through to deliver our full game for Q4’22 with the IDO coming next in the roadmap after the full game launch. 

Avarik Saga | An On-Chain Unity-based JRPG Strategy Game - - 2024

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Avarik Saga | An On-Chain Unity-based JRPG Strategy Game - - 2024
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