Boso Tokyo | Generative NFTs from Japan


For anyone not familiar what is Boso Tokyo? 

BOSO TOKYO is an NFT brand that is building avatars that can be used as a common identity in the metaverse. As a generative NFT, BOSO TOKYO uses algorithms to create random combinations for each avatar’s body, face, clothing, accessories, and other parts.

Hidetaka Tenjin, the illustrator of Gundam, Star Wars mecha illustrations, and Macross, has joined BOSO TOKYO as the main designer and is working on creating the avatars.

generative NFTs

Afromance, Co-Founder of Burning Japan and foam Bubble Party Tokyo, is acting as creative director .

On top of that, an all-star team of crypto and NFT specialists along with top Japanese creators have gathered together to deliver a true and authentic NFT collection from the heart of Tokyo.

What is the vision behind Boso Tokyo? 

BOSO TOKYO is an original brand of avatars from Tokyo. Unlike the many Japan inspired anime and video game inspired NFTs on OpenSea, BŌSŌ is bringing forth a completely original collection. Simply, we wanted to send out to the world quality NFTs from Japan.

“It is clear that the Japanese are very good at making unique and original content and culture, but it is evident that Japan’s economic competitiveness is going down the drain. This is a fact. There is no way to deny it”, Tenjin mentioned the other day: “We need to start sending Japanese content out to the world now. It’s now or never.” This is the time for Japan to use the power of its contents and IPs to go out into the world to gain global recognition.

boso nft

The word “BOSO” comes from “Bosozoku”, Japanese motorbike gangs. These gangs would cruise together in the hundreds, riding customized motorbikes designed to make loud noises. In Japanese, “BOSO” means to “not give a damn” and that is their motto while riding their bikes. Bosozoku was in a way a “symbol of freedom”. 

Inspired by the budding independence of these gangs and their search for freedom, BOSO TOKYO, has adopted their way of culture into the NFTs. 

Can you tell us a bit about the artist behind Boso Tokyo? 

Tenjin is a legendary creator and artist from Japan, a master of robot mecha productions and acts as mecha designer, illustrator, and art director in countless projects. He is a seasoned professional in the field of plastic models, box art, and game animation production. Even in CG expression, Tenjin is known for drawing a narrative on screen, by consciously expressing the brush feeling and touch. 

Tenjin – “I am taking on this new challenge with very high expectations. BOSO TOKYO will be, I hope, a massive opportunity for people from around the world to once again recognize the uniqueness of Japanese culture. We hope that this project will be the catalyst for a new movement. A new movement that sweeps the world and proves that the culture we possess will have a great impact on the generation to come.”

Tenjin said of the 10,000 pieces, “They are all truly unique and I honestly love each and every one of them. It’s like we’ve generated 10,000 children. It’s like we’re looking for parents who will take care of them. I hope that we can become a big family together and walk together, all of us, with the same vision.”

generative art design

Can you tell us what revving is? 

BŌSŌ TOKYO wants buyers to keep their NFTs for a long time. For this reason, we offer a NFT staking (revving) function.

When NFTs are staked, the RPM (revolutions per minute) increases according to the holding period, and a reward is given when a certain RPM is reached. When an NFT is sold, the RPM will be transferred to the next buyer.

In addition, a 3D model is currently being created as a reward for staking NFTs. Some of the rewards we have already announced include NFTs of the 3D avatars we are currently creating, NFTs of Tenjin’s new artwork, and 3D avatars that can be transported into the Metaverse.

Once the staking is launched, BŌSŌ believes that the percentage of long-term holders will increase, and also that it will help decrease the selling pressure of the BŌSŌ NFTs.

It is simply the relationship between supply and demand. Increased demand for a smaller supply, will keep NFT floor prices high.

Beyond just cool art, what is the reason to hold a Boso Tokyo NFT? 

BŌSŌ TOKYO wants to provide solid value to its holders.

1.Limitless rights to our IPs

You own the NFT, you own the IP rights. Simple as that. You can use the NFTs for any commercial use, advertisements, or even rent it out without restrictions.

2.Exclusive Community Access

Holding an NFT grants the holder exclusive access to the community and events. NFT holders will also be able to vote in BOSO TOKYO DAO and receive a variety of other benefits.

3.Metaverse Avatar

The BOSO vision is to provide holders with an identity defining avatar in the digital ecosystem. To realize this, BOSO will distribute 3D avatars of their NFTs. Are you Metaverse ready? 


BOSO will hold large-scale events to promote the BOSO culture to the world.


Some of the Key figures in the Web3 and Crypto industry have already sympathized with the BOSO TOKYO concept and joined as partners in this project. We will make announcements as we go down the road. Stay tuned.

Who are your biggest partners and how are they helping you? 

BŌSŌ TOKYO believes that Web3 is all about inclusivity.

BŌSŌ have announced partnerships with global crypto currency exchanges Bybit, MEXC, GATE and NFT marketplace OVO to gain recognition from around the world.

These collaborations are important in the sense that they help us expand the reach of our NFTs beyond industry boundaries.

Please look forward to announcements of new collaborations in the near future.

What is the long term vision for Boso Tokyo?

The word “Metaverse” is said to be a term first used in the 1982 science fiction novel Snow Crash, and has existed long before the birth of Bitcoin.

However, without blockchain technology, “unique identities” in the digital world would not have worked. People could just simply copy-and-paste. NFTs and blockchain technology solves this problem. In a digital world, or metaverse, the establishment of the self is made possible only with NFTs.

BOSO believes that when the era of parallel metaverses become the norm, it will be important for individuals to be able to build identities or avatars that can be recognized across all digital worlds.

That is why we are taking extreme measures to refine the avatars. The team is inspecting each and every one of them to ensure quality, as they will become the soul of our users in the metaverse.

Boso Tokyo | Generative NFTs from Japan - - 2024

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Boso Tokyo | Generative NFTs from Japan - - 2024
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