Building Sustainable Yield With Kujira Network

Kujira Network

Optimization has been a running trend in decentralized finance for a while now. Just look at the success of Lido DAO to recognize how much we value maintaining our leverage. With new tools deployed constantly to allow better yield opportunities, building sustainable yield with Kujira Network is the topic of today’s discussion. Kujira received an overhaul last year to optimize its capabilities and market viability, causing a price breakout to the tune of 700% in less than 90 days, leading more people on a quest to discover Kujira. Curious to see if Kujira has room to grow, it's time to take a look at the project and find out what it has to offer.

Designed as a decentralized ecosystem and payment infrastructure for FinTech builders and future Web3 users, Kujira is developing cost-effective tools for all levels of expertise.

Initially launched into the Terra Luna Ecosystem, Kujira quickly developed into a fully sovereign Layer 1 network on a mission to generate income no matter the market conditions. Its largest contribution to the space was the launch of a fair-matching DEX called FIN. When Terra imploded, Kujira moved FIN and its other assets to the Cosmos Ecosystem.

What is Kujira Network?

When Kujira says the network is built for everyone, it means it. In a relatively short amount of time using Kujira, most will find that fairness is a big part of its design. That’s because the concept of Kujira was born in the ashes that Terra Luna’s fallout left behind. Seeing that the biggest party to benefit from this financial suffering was a bot army, deployed by an

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