How to Invest in Web 3: Three Ways

How to Invest in Web 3

Imagine investing in internet companies after the dot com 'bubble' popped two decades ago... Buying Google or Amazon stock for bargain prices or applying for a job in those companies sure would have been a good idea. But how to invest in Web 3? It turns out there are three important angles to do this. Buy coins, find a job, or buy stocks.

1. Buy Coins From Projects that Solve Pressing Problems

The most obvious angle to invest in Web 3 is to buy coins - or earn them by staking, using or playing - from growing Web 3 projects. 

But from what angle should you look at potentially profitable investment opportunities? Well, start from your own user experience and frustrations with certain current products. As a user of crypto or Web 3 related applications, you must have had poor experiences or witnessed downright failure. You're not the only one, and you can bet some team is already working on solving the very problem that kept bugging you - and standing in the way of mass adoption.

Many bottlenecks in web 3 are screaming for a solution. A few come to mind:

Problem: The Scaling & User Experience of Decentralized Exchanges (Dexes)

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