IndiGG | The India-Based SubDAO of YGG (crypto interview)


For anyone not familiar, what is IndiGG?

IndiGG is a subDAO of YGG and being built in association with Polygon to create a web3 gaming hub in India. Our focus is to grow the web3 gaming sector in India and across the world both in terms of consumers as well as web3 game developers. 

So, you are a subDAO of YGG, what the heck does that mean?

A subDAO is akin to a specialized, miniature economy that interacts with a larger, all-inclusive economy, which is the DAO itself. Each YGG subDAO is customized to focus on the specific activities and assets of a particular game. In that sense, IndiGG focuses their efforts towards growing the Indian web3 gaming space.

What do you do to help players enter crypto gaming?

We lend NFTs to players who want to play the new web3 enabled games that are coming to the market. This “lending” of NFTs is generally called Scholarships. The players can then keep a major portion of the earnings they receive from playing the game, such as cryptocurrencies, and the rest goes to the Guild & their managers. 

Apart from that, we also train our community members to understand how these new games work, what they’re about and how they’re different from traditional games they might have already played. 

Our role is to facilitate new players joining the web3 gaming space and doing whatever we can to make their lives easier in this new frontier of gaming. We achieve this by lending NFTs, giving them perks in particular games or education & awareness around the games that they want to play.

What does your token do?

We have an entire article dedicated to our token $INDI, why don’t you guys take a look 🙂

Why are you focusing on the Indian market?

India has the largest youth population outside of China. There’s about 400 million gamers here and that’s honestly just the start. Gaming is far away from hitting saturation point in the country and there’s currently a hyper growth phase going on due to the recent pandemic and also because of the availability of cheap & fast internet. Games such as PUBG & Free Fire have taken the country by storm given that most Android phones can play these games right out of the box. 

Given all these reasons, we at IndiGG believe India is a good fit to become a hub for web3 and web2 gaming in the world and we would therefore like to make it happen.

What games are you working with?

We are currently working with several partnered games since we want to provide our community members with options to select from different kind of games available in the market. 

An average gamer tends to play several games over the course of their life and given we are targeting such a wide market, we believe a multi game approach is the right one for our community. 

Some of the games we are currently working with that are live: 

  • Skyweaver
  • Axie Infinity
  • Cyball
  • Fancy Birds
  • Pegaxy 

We have also announced partnerships with a few games that have yet to be released:

  • Genopets
  • Avarik Saga
  • League of Kingdoms
  • & more. 

If you want to know which games we’re partnering with, please follow our substack where we officially announce all our partnerships as they happen –

Who are your biggest investors and how will they help you succeed?

We managed to raise about $6 million in our seed round led by VCs such as Sequoia Capital India, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Variant Fund, Play Ventures Dune Ventures,Jump Capital, Griffin Gaming Partners, Transcend Fund, Animoca Brands, Scopely, Backed and Sfermion, IVC, Emfarsis and more.

You can read more about it here –

What comes next for Indi GG?

Our current efforts are focused towards growing the consumer & development side of things when it comes to web3 gaming in & around India. For consumer growth, we’re looking at rapidly scaling up our scholarship offerings so we can bring thousands of gamers in India into the world of web3 games and for web3 game development growth in India, we’re focusing our efforts towards working with key partners to develop the ecosystem & ensure that India doesn’t just remain a consumer hub for web3 gaming but also becomes a development hub for the same.

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