Is Dogecoin Dead?

Dogecoin Dead

After the recent DOGE rally and Twitter takeover, people still ask, “Is Dogecoin Dead?” So in this week's Wealth Mastery Altcoin Review, we will discuss the infamously beloved cryptocurrency and why this could be one of Dogecoin's worst or best years ever.    

Is Dogecoin Dead?

Dogecoin Charts

Dogecoin has proved to be one of the most resilient cryptocurrencies ever created. Whether you’re a DOGE lover or a meme coin hater, there’s no denying it’s one of the most traded coins of all time. So-called crypto experts like to argue about the future of Dogecoin. What is Dogecoin? Some say it’s nothing more than funny money, while others consider it one of the premier future currencies of the internet. There’s never a shortage of opinions, and this article is no different.

To paint a picture of how mine was developed. My first introduction to the power of Dogecoin was years ago at the Bitcoin Pub. The Pub was a place where like-minded Bitcoin lovers could discuss the power of blockchain technology. Dogecoin was a constant point of interest in the community, initially for the lolz and eventually for its power to stack Sats. Learn more about Bitcoin Dominance. Dogecoin is one of the easiest ways to dip a toe outside Bitcoin. With no one in charge of Dogecoin, its success or failure is based on the people's will.

The end of this year will celebrate a decade of DOGE trading activity. Showing that Dogecoin is here to stay.

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