Is Sui Network a Scam?

Is Sui Network a Scam

Welcome to this week’s Wealth Mastery Altcoin Review. Another day, another project to analyze and figure out where it stacks up in the future of blockchain.

Sui Network has caused quite a stir with the fast one they pulled on incentivized testnet participants, leading many to believe that Sui Network might be a scam. In this review, we will find out, “Is Sui Network a Scam?” Or is it just another harmless copy of a copy that won’t hold up in the long run?

First introduced last September in the weekly Airdrop Report. Sui is another Layer 1 fork launched by Ex-Meta employees under the company Mysten Labs. Similar to my What is Aptos Report, at its foundation, Sui is nothing more than a white-label version of the defunct Libracoin software. Built to be highly controllable and centralized by whoever deploys it, the Sui/Libracoin technology is shrouded in secrecy.    

Sui Network Scam

Sui Network has been in the incubation phase for nine months before this week's official launch of the SUI token, after several delays and miscommunications by its founders at Mysten Labs, the token's arrival started the real beginning of Sui’s network effects.

In this review, we will evaluate the current position of Sui Network and see if it’s a goose egg, scam, or potential winner. Considering SUI Network has already been caught lying to the community, they’re not off to the greatest start in what many consider a scumball move which is something that’s sadly become a standard practice for many projects looking to

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