SEI Network – Better Trading For Everyone?

SEI Network

Not to be confused with SUI, the SEI (Say) Network is a new protocol developed as a middle-man between traders and the networks they use. Looking into what Sei Network is, how it works, who’s using it, and if it’s any good are all on the agenda today. With the approval of a Bitcoin ETF this week, crypto networks are getting ready to onboard an unprecedented amount of new users. Does Sei Network “really” offer better trading for everyone? Find out in today's Wealth Mastery Altcoin Review.

Built using the Cosmos development kit, Sei wants to optimize trading across multiple networks using Inter-Blockchain Communication. Check out the “Top 5 Cosmos Coins” to learn more.

Mentioned back in late 2022 in our Sei Airdrop Guide, this technology is nothing new but has been getting considerably much more attention since the launch of Layer Zero.

Realizing the limitations of legacy networks like Ethereum and how long it can take for a trade to settle can be a hard pill to swallow for new traders. That’s where Sei and its optimization protocol come into play.

What is SEI Network?

Sei Network Middle-Man
Source: Delphi Digital

The launch of Sei is championed by a Goldman Sachs Banker and Robinhood Software Engineer noticing trading inefficiencies and the lack of transparency in their own houses. This is what initially triggered these two individuals to come up with the idea for Sei.

With the crypto space at a point of desperation for anything new, people quickly began gravitating toward

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