Tenet – Diversified Proof of Stake


Liquid Staking has been all the rage since Ethereum first announced its transition to Proof of Stake. We’ve discussed some of the most significant players in the space like Rocket Pool and Lido DAO as they continue carving out more and more network effects to earn those sweet ETH emissions. Tenet Protocol is one of the newest projects to throw its name in the Liquid Staking hat. Tenet and its Diversified Proof of Stake Network is bringing some brand new solutions to the Fractured Liquidity problem. Tenet deploys a new way to secure a network by using a different approach. Built initially using the Cosmos software stack, Tenet has already upgraded the technology to include Layer Zero. One of the most advanced Omnichain protocols to exist. This collaboration is something that sets Tenet apart from other Liquid Staking Derivatives. With Layer Zero allowing Tenet to connect with any EVM-compatible network, It’ll be interesting to see just how quickly the project is adopted by the community.

Make no mistake about it, Layer Zero is the star of the show when it comes to the functionality of Tenet. Without it, Tenet would be stuck catering to only a few networks.

Liquidity sharding is becoming a real problem as more Ethereum is continually fractured and spread thin across what feels like endless Layer 2 networks. This is just one of the problems Tenet is looking to solve by allowing stakers to remain liquid no matter what network their assets are stored on.

Layer Zero achieves this by launching dedicated endpoints on multiple networks and allowing those beacons to easily interact with each other. Allowing you to access liquidity

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