How to Farm The Ultimate ETH Earning Strategy in DeFi by KyberSwap

How to Farm The Ultimate ETH Earning Strategy in DeFi by KyberSwap - - 2023

Before we get started, this is not a recommendation or endorsement to buy any token(s) mentioned.

A new strategy for sustainable ETH earnings was recently published by the team at KyberSwap which combines a range of concepts we’ve covered in Wealth Mastery! These protocols and yields include:

They call this strategy “the ultimate ETH earning strategy in DeFi” thanks to a combination of greater earnings, greater rewards, and near zero impermanent loss. 

What makes this ETH strategy better than others? Here’s a breakdown...

Demand for Cross-Chain Swaps: KyberSwap’s wstETH/axl.wstETH and wstETH/ETH concentrated liquidity pools are designed to handle substantial ETH and wstETH bridging demand via Axelar’s cross-chain swaps and Squid routing. The volume should result in long term, sustainable LP fees.

Underlying ETH Staking Yield: Lido stETH staking rewards are historically near 4%. That 4% is in addition to current farming rewards and trading fees earned by LPs.

Farming Rewards: LPs will earn farming incentives provided by Lido, KyberSwap, and Axelar in the form of wstETH, KNC, and AXL tokens.

Pendle AMM LP Boosted Yield: On top of all this yield, Pendle Finance will be adding support for these yield-bearing LP tokens on September 27th. Pendle tokenizes yield-bearing assets, such as an LP token, into a Principal Token (PT) and Yield Token (YT), thus requiring liquidity providers in Pendle AMM so that traders can speculate on yield rates and swap PTs and YTs. According to

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