Solv Airdrop Strategy: Earn Bitcoin Yield with solvBTC

Solv Airdrop with solvBTC

Before we get started, this is not a recommendation or endorsement to buy any token(s) mentioned.

This week, we cover how to farm Solv Points for a future SOLV airdrop allocation by depositing into an increasingly popular tokenized form of BTC on L2s, such as Arbitrum and Merlin.

With over $9.8B TVL, WBTC has dominated as the most liquid form of tokenized BTC across Ethereum and all other L1s/L2s.

As the Bitcoin DeFi landscape matures with more L2s launching, it makes sense this category of tokenized BTC will grow larger.

One standout among these new competitors is solvBTC by Solv. solvBTC is a composable yield-bearing version of tokenized BTC.

Solv Protocol is a native yield platform powered by decentralized asset management infrastructure and dedicated to tokenizing and aggregating high-quality yields for BTC and other tokenized yields across the industry (ie ETH, stablecoins).

It serves as a unified liquidity gateway for users seeking quality yield opportunities. Its flagship product is solvBTC. With solvBTC, DeFi users are able to lend, collateralize and borrow, and provide liquidity, while passively earning a BTC-denominated yield.

It seems probable we will see a yield-bearing token like solvBTC on Pendle in the future, given the demand for airdrop farmers speculating on yield-bearing tokens such as solvBTC.

Being live on Arbitrum and the Bitcoin L2 Merlin, Solv uses a trading-strategy-based mechanism designed to leverage various chains, protocols and exchanges to access diverse yield opportunities.

By allocating liquidity across different trading-strategies, Solv maximizes the generation of competitive yields. These underlying strategies are selected by an

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