ZetaChain – Bitcoin Interoperability Protocol


ZetaChain’s Bitcoin Interoperability Protocol is one of the newest projects aimed at developing network composability. Better known as Omnichains, this technology is rooted in a belief that networks that don’t focus on communication with others will eventually fall into the forgotten realms of the blockchain history books. These ideas have been the topic of countless discussions since the moment Ethereum was born. Fast forward to today and you can still see a gap the industry needs to fill. Zetachain is here to present what they believe will bridge this divide between Bitcoin and other networks.

Here's what you can expect anytime a project you read about uses the terms interoperability, composability, and agnostic: It will immediately tell you that the focus is on developing tools for non-native networks to communicate with one another.

This is a different concept than simply bridging assets between networks. Bridging a token from one network to another is great. But, that’s not what true interoperability is about at all.

Bridging is more of a crypto bandage than stitches. It’s temporarily allowed us to function across different networks but is far from a permanent solution. This is what gives ZetaChain its current audience and drives the project to potentially do great things.

What is ZetaChain?

Recently launching the ZetaChain Mainnet, the idea goes back to 2021 where Zetachain made its first presentation on the focus of the project.

Describing itself as “The world’s first and only blockchain that connects everything”, this could be seen as a marketing strategy to boost product adoption. However, you’ll find as we discuss

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