3 High-Quality Low-Cap Altcoins


The time has come to discuss another 3 High-Quality Low-Cap Altcoins you should know about in 2024. From Layer1 protocols that could break out at any moment to Solana’s largest and most underrated ecosystem project. This week’s Altcoin Review has everything you need to focus those laser eyes on the prize and be prepared for this year's swarm of new users.

It’s a known fact that when the price of Bitcoin goes up, everything else goes up with it. This is why low-cap altcoins are one of the best options for increasing your net worth and acquiring more of those sweet Satoshi’s.

Last month we covered the “Top 5 Real World Asset Altcoin Gems”. Leaping into this growing pool of assets would have increased your portfolio’s value by more than 200%, just in the last 30 days. Showing how important it is to have a bag of high-quality low-cap gems on your radar.


Source: Neurai
  • Ticker: XNA
  • Price: $0.003
  • Token Supply: 21 Billion
  • Circulating Supply: 10.8 Billion
  • Market Cap: $33 Million

Starting our list of Altcoin Gems with a Market Cap under $40 Million is Neurai. Similar to Helium, Neurai is a project designing an entire ecosystem around Internet of Things (IoT) devices by using Blockchain as a way to verify and validate real-world information. At its core, Neurai is an upgraded and redesigned version of the Ravencoin protocol. 

Taken directly from a fork

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