4 Low Cap Altcoin Gems

Low Cap Altcoin

This week we’ll be exploring some fantastic Low-Cap Altcoin Gems that could see some serious action over the coming year. These are all projects that have released their token in the past 30 days. Ensuring that anyone looking to ride the next big altcoin rally has the opportunity to start on the ground floor. All projects in this report have Market Caps below $25 Million. If you’re looking for Large-Cap projects, look no further than our most recent report on the Best Blue Chip Crypto Coins.

While there are never any guarantees in crypto, each project on this list has been carefully examined and found to have excellent potential for success.

We won’t be discussing any meme coins or other fly-by-night projects that might garner more hype. Instead, we’ll be talking about protocols that intend to provide real value to the market and its token holders.

As with any time we discuss low-cap projects, there’s a certain amount of risk involved. Those risks include high volatility, low liquidity, and the increased risk of failure. So make sure to not overextend your portfolio into any low-cap projects before the proper amount of exit liquidity has been developed. Because a 1000x is meaningless when there’s no market to capitalize on those amazing gains.

1. Xena Finance

Xena Finance
Source: Xena Finance
  • Ticker: XEN
  • Price: $0.034
  • Token Supply: 1 Billion
  • Circulating Supply: 32 Million
  • Market Cap: $1.1 Million
  • Type:

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