Axelar – The Future of Cross-Chain Messaging


Axelar is building the future of cross-chain messaging and has generated a lot of hype in recent months. Cooling off from its recent rise in price, a new opportunity is forming for those curious about the project's future growth proposition. As Axelar is still considered a newer project, its impact on the blockchain development cycle feels like it’s only starting and it was initially developed to solve problems surrounding communication across multiple blockchains. Our discussions just a few weeks ago about ZetaChain’s Interoperability Protocol will prepare you nicely for today's topic. As a cross-chain protocol, Axelar is built to allow seamless conveyance of data between any connected network. This article will look at where Axelar fits into the current narrative and what we can expect from the project in the coming years.

As pointed out previously, whenever we bring up the issue of composability and interconnectivity, we’re painting with broad strokes across the entire crypto canvas.

That’s because products and services like Axelar don’t fit the standard one-dimensional conversations being had when discussing dApps or a specific network since those are usually limited by the multitude of restrictions that usually stem from having only one entry and exit point.

Axelar works more like a blanket that covers the entire cryptocurrency space, making it important to understand that Axelar is not one of these singular networks working to pick up where the last tech left off.

What is Axelar?

As a base layer, Axelar is a tech stack built to provide additional tooling for all existing blockchains with the specific goal of allowing simple cross-chain

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