Badger Finance Report by Jesse

Welcome to this week's coin review and Issue# 31 of Wealth Mastery. With Dogecoin mania in full effect and carrying with it an almost 300% gain this week. Congratulations to those of you sitting on the sidelines doing nothing as much as those who capitalized on the run. With both these strategies being commendable. If you’re not already a part of the fun, don’t FOMO your way in to get REKT at the same time, those holding onto their DOGE bags shouldn’t miss an opportunity to profit. In this week's report, we’ll be looking at a new DAO that’s looking to expand the use and function of Bitcoin in the Defi space. Developed as a community effort in collaboration with some of the best yield farmers in the space is Badger Finance.


Badger Finance is a brand new decentralized autonomous organization protocol that has a singular and distinct purpose. That is to build the products and infrastructure necessary to accelerate Bitcoin as collateral across many other blockchains. In a similar manner to how we’ve seen renBTC and WBTC operate with regards to their utility. Badger Finance expands on this by integrating a community DAO via Aragon with a liquid governance token, a yield aggregator product focused on providing the best bitcoin yield strategies, a BTC-pegged elastic supply currency based on the Ampleforth protocol, and a strong focus on fair distribution. This includes other traditional backend services like oracles, keepers, and system monitors to provide all necessary updates to Badger. A long-term goal for Badger is to “flip the stack” so to speak. Instead of Badger being the end-point in a

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