Cantina Royale | A Tactical Arcade Shooter Game

cantina royale

For anyone not familiar, what is Cantina Royale? 

Cantina Royale is a top-down tactical arcade shooter game featuring both single-player and intense online multiplayer battles. It is the first Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn Metaverse game in the market with fully modeled unique characters and bootstrapped 3rd party NFT collections like the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and the Elrond Ape. With Cantina Royale, our team strives to push Web3 gaming mainstream by developing an NFT lending platform, mobile-first experience, and NFT interoperability. 

What does the CRT token do? 

The CRT token is the governance token for Cantina Royale – it has a fixed supply of 1 billion $CRT, and will be the pillar of the Cantina Royale ecosystem. 

It is also an economic incentive to encourage players who actively engage in the ecosystem. Holders of $CRT will have a confluence of on-chain governance proposals besides the functional impact on the overall ecosystem, including the trading of NFT characters, in-game boosts and consumables, tournament participation, weapon forging & upgrades, character recruitment & progression, and more. 

Why did you choose to build on Elrond? 

To build an accessible Web3 game for all, we need a trustworthy partner along the road. With the long-term relationship, we are familiar and confident with Elrond’s team capabilities and thus fostered this partnership. Moreover, we value the sustainability of Web3 development and our game itself which is why we are more than honored to work with one of the first carbon-negative network in the world as we strive for climate-friendly solutions when building Cantina Royale. 

Scalability is the key to ensuring the speed and quality of data and transaction management capabilities in Cantina Royale. Elrond has a high-efficient capability to process as much as 15,000 TPS and can go beyond 100,000 TPS if required. This is a truly ideal environment to enable a smooth gaming experience on Cantina Royale as we cater to people from all over the world with an epic Web3 gaming experience. 

As we develop new Web3 technologies and experiences for all users, Elrond and Cantina Royale are on the same mission to push the mass adoption of blockchain games for all gamers and developers by solving the fundamental issues of P2E gaming. Elrond has always been very selective with projects they take on the Maiar launchpad (with almost 90% of applications denied), and Cantina Royale is honored to be chosen by their team too. It was our common goals that brought us together, and Elrond’s solid foundation shows a promising future for Cantina Royale. 

How are you using NFTs in the game? What is the benefit of holding a Space Ape?

NFT is an integral part of Cantina Royale as they resemble the characters and weapons in gameplay. Unlike the traditional way of making a living, P2E and NFT gaming resembles a new stream of income for players and investors. By playing Cantina Royale, holders can earn income from keeping all ownership rights over their digital assets as its progress in the game. Some of the ways will be earning in-game rewards or renting out NFTs to other players on the lending platform.

If you are a player who wants to experience for free, our lending platform powered by Verko will match holders with borrowers, seeking out optimum earnings for each party. While borrowers gain rights to use the NFT in games, they do not have any ownership over the asset. Holders can still gain rewards as their borrowers do, and earn tokens from the staking pool on a weekly basis. 

The entire process will be done on-chain, and holders only need to confirm staking their NFTs with a one-click operation to list them for lending. 

I see you are allowing Bored Apes to be used in-game, what does this mean, and are there plans for other NFT collections to be incorporated? 

The Bored Ape Yacht Club collection has marked a historic moment in the blockchain world which signifies the potential of incorporating blockchain technology and NFT into our daily lives. As holders of BAYC, this will mean that their NFTs are no longer just digital assets that are merely stored in Smart Contracts, but transferable and interactive across different virtual ecosystems. 

By incorporating BAYC into Cantina Royale, we are starting the mission of achieving full NFT interoperability in the blockchain world: where the connection between in-game digital assets with other titles happens. With the safeguard of blockchain technology and smart contracting, we empowered our players with in-game & digital asset transfer ownership.

Followed by BAYC, We are introducing The Elrond Apes collection to the game next as well. More details on the collaboration between Elrond and Cantina Royale NFTs can be found here

Other than that, we are already in the planning stage with other NFT collections of future collaboration. So stay tuned to our social media to know what NFTs we have coming up next! 

What is your plan to onboard users? 

With a simple few clicks and you are all set! Cantina Royale provides a smooth and accessible onboarding process for users that is similar to what all Web3 users used to have in other Web3 applications. It will be launched on mobile, PC, and macOS, with cross-platform gaming available. For F2P players, there are no wallet requirements to play the game. You only need to connect to your digital wallet if players intend to trade on the NFT Marketplace or rent out their NFTs on the Lending Platform. 

Can you explain the 1% lifetime earnings? How does it work and how did you come up with the idea?  

We wanted to thank the initial backers of the project for being with us from the start with something that will be truly beneficial in the long-term, which is what the Genesis Space Apes are here for. 

Holders of Genesis Space Apes will earn additional rewards from all future-generated NFT characters via the recruiting feature. They will earn 1% of in-game earnings from all future generations that are descendants of the original Genesis Space Ape – this includes the sold NFTs on the marketplace after recruitment. For example, if each Space Ape has 6 recruitments during its lifetime, after 4 generations, the Genesis Space Ape owners will get 1% from 1,296 NFTs (roughly equal to owning 13 NFTs). 

What comes next for Cantina?

We are delighted by the overwhelming interest in the Cantina Royale IDO and NFT bundle sale, which concluded on the 18th of July. After the game launches in Q3, we are also ready to let our players experience NFT interoperability in gaming very soon! Other than that, BAYC holders will soon be able to enjoy playing as Bored Ape on Cantina Royale by the end of Q3.

Cantina Royale | A Tactical Arcade Shooter Game - - 2024

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Cantina Royale | A Tactical Arcade Shooter Game - - 2024
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