CyberConnect – A Decentralized Social Network


With all the progress happening over on X, formally Twitter. Elon’s takeover has sparked a new direction for how social media platforms should operate. However, even with all the changes being made and the potential integration of blockchain payments, X is still a long way away from being a decentralized platform. Information is power, which is why CyberConnect is working hard to offer a completely decentralized social network. One that puts users back in control of the information they share. As the younger generation becomes more self-aware, the business practice of turning humans into products becomes increasingly unacceptable. Making the next advancement in social media undoubtedly a blockchain-based system. One where users can choose what information to sell and who benefits from any monetary compensation that comes from that transaction.

In the endless pool of social networks, Facebook is the worst perpetrator of them all, holding the crown as the largest social network in the world. It has violated the privacy of its users countless times by selling information to the highest bidder.

The team at CyberConnect is one of the few projects that want to radically change this egregious business model and build a better, more sustainable ecosystem. They’re certainly not the first to attempt this challenge, with Steamit, Minds, Aether, Mastodon, LBRY, Dtube, and Signal all throwing their names in the fight for better social networks. However, CyberConnect is in the unique position to be the newest project trying to stop people from turning into products. This gives them the advantage and insight of seeing what worked or didn’t work for others.

It’s a pretty well-known thing that the first to do something is rarely,

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