Echelon Prime – Collectible Crypto Card Game

Echelon Prime

We’ve seen a few different installments of crypto card games over the years. But none have managed to strike excitement into the blockchain community the way that Echelon Prime has done this year. Echelon Prime is the newest collectible crypto card game that centers around a Parallel Space Universe. Whether you're sick of the space-themed stuff or all about it. There are some distinguishing features that set Echelon Prime apart from many other card games. As an avid Magic the Gathering player, I'm well aware of gameplay mechanics that provide the best player experience. With early game footage of Echelon Prime having these important elements covered and assets quickly moving from Ethereum to the new Coinbase Network. What is Base Network? Echelon Prime looks like it's getting ready to do something big!

If you played Hearthstone, MTG, or Marvel Snap then you'll feel right at home with Echelon Prime. If you've never played one of these collectible card games the rules are simple. Players collect digital cards from themed-based sets that are constantly upgraded, adding new cards and gameplay mechanics to the mix. Once you've collected enough cards, you'll begin the deck-building experience.

Each game generally has a certain number of cards that are allowed in each deck. Mix and match different cards within to build a deck synergy that compliments your playstyle. Fight hard and fast to win, or slow and methodical to burn out your opponent. With each card-based game, there are endless play styles to choose from. Echelon Prime is no different when it comes to this standard method of play. Unlock cards, build a deck, and destroy your opponents.

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