How to Ape Smart with KyberAI


Before we get started, this is not a recommendation or endorsement to buy any token(s) mentioned. The information in KyberAI should not be treated as any form of financial advice

KyberSwap has been a yield haven for us this crypto winter but yield farming isn’t possible without buying, holding, and accumulating certain cryptoassets long term. Although I normally cover how to earn yield with one’s existing DeFi portfolio, today we'll cover a newer tool for doing research as we plan longer term which tokens to buy, sell, or continue holding.

KyberAI was created to help DeFi users uncover valuable market insights to make data-driven trades. With KyberAI, users get access to a wealth of on-chain and off-chain market data across multiple chains, thanks to over $20B of trade volume by Kyber used to train an AI/ML engine. This is data usually afforded to institutional traders or high net worth individuals, but now with KyberAI, anyone can filter this data and distill it into what's known as a KyberScore.

The KyberScore leverages the latest advancements in AI to produce a score based on a  range of off-chain technical analysis metrics as well as on-chain signals. The KyberScore represents whenever a token has bullish or bearish potential in the short term (ideally 24 hours). KyberScorse condense all these market factors into a single number enabling traders of all abilities to make more informed trading decisions. KyberScores >50 are more bullish and <50 are more bearish.

See an example below of a custom list of KyberScores for perps related tokens I’m tracking.

KyberAI lists can be shared via

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