Monthly Crypto Alpha Report – October 2022


Market Roundup

Plenty of macro insanity to keep markets spooked and uncertain. The FED still has not pivoted, although there is plenty of speculation that the FED could be getting ready to pivot! We will find out this week whether or not the FED makes any indication of a pivot as there is a FED meeting on Wednesday. 

That being said the last week has been pretty exciting as altcoins, in particular, Dogecoin went nuts! This was due to speculation that Elon Musk could integrate Dogecoin into Twitter. It is important to not fall victim to FOMO on these rallies. The bear market forces could be in effect for quite a while still. Lots of great opportunities, but we are far away from hitting major reversal points for most of the market which is still realistically beholden to macro conditions. 

I covered these charts in my video last week, but I wanted to post them here for you again because the pattern forming up between the 2018/19 bear market bottom and now is certainly noteworthy. 

This is how the 2018 bottom formed up. 

This is how 2022 is going… 

See any similarities? Curious… 

The balance of Bitcoin on exchanges just keeps dropping! This continues to blow my mind. It is such a mega-bullish indicator of the demand for Bitcoin. In spite of the massive market sell off the buyers are still here and people still want BTC. The amount of Bitcoin on exchanges has been falling non-stop since March 2020! 

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