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Would you be surprised to learn that Reddit has had its own cryptocurrency for almost three years now? But, what if I told you that there’s not just one, but two separate tokens launched by one of the largest social networks on the internet? In true crypto fashion, the r/CryptoCurrency thread launched Reddit MOON Coin a while back. MOON is designed as a loyalty token for active community members, while the less talked about BRICK token was launched to represent the Fortnite community on Reddit. Not much traction has taken place with BRICK, but a lot is starting to happen with MOON. After three years in the market, MOON finally grabbed its first major exchange listing on crypto.com this month. So, is it time for MOON to become a premium crypto or is this just the exit liquidity everyone has been waiting for?

While Reddit has fallen from its position as the most active bulletin board over the past decade. It still houses the most active communities in crypto.

Launching a token that signifies this connection to emerging technologies was inevitable. The launch of Reddit Vaults paved the way for users to interact with networks like Ethereum and Arbitrum. Community Points introduced the mechanism that allows moderators and subreddit owners to begin receiving rewards and a sense of ownership for their contributions to Reddit. Any subreddit can issue community points to participants. Testing this new type of reward system, Reddit issued MOON as the Community Points for the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit.

Until recently, MOON has been a walled system that only allows the spending or use of MOON within Reddit. Primarily used to give weight to upvotes, earn

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