What You Should Know About Worldcoin


As Worldcoin begins making its rounds through the media with the help of its $3 Billion Valuation and $250 Million in startup funds. It’s time to discuss what you should know about Worldcoin. Founded by OpenAI CEO (ChatGPT) and serial entrepreneur Sam Altman. WorldCon, sorry, WorldCoin (I’ll try to work on that) is already ruffling the feathers of lots of people. Designed around an Orwellian-style shiny metal orb that scans your retinas, it’s safe to say that I and others at Wealth Mastery are “NOT” a fan. Below the surface of this project is an even hotter topic, Universal Basic Income (UBI). With strong arguments for and against it. UBI can be seen as the fix for all of mankind's financial problems, or the irreversible enslavement of every human on earth. Worldcoin is in bed with the first idea and what’s believed to be driving the project forward. The problem with this is that the creators of WorldCon see themselves as the ones who should be UBI’s owners.

Saruman "Sam" Altman Orb Meme

This is stunningly apparent in how the project actually operates. While Saruman’s Orb might be open-sourced, similar to Helium’s HNT miners. Unlike Helium, the software operating all these orbs is a closely guarded secret. When questioned by multiple news outlets, not a single Orb Operator was able to explain how the software works. All they seem to be concerned about is earning a commission for each retina they scan. Showing that the ones at the top of the WorldCon food chain are extremely disconnected from those at the bottom. You know, like how they built the Atom Bomb.

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