LUKSO Network & The Creative Economy

LUKSO Network

This week’s Wealth Mastery Altcoin Review will be taking a look at LUKSO Network & The Creative Economy it’s planning to liberate. Reaching an estimated $100 billion dollars this year, the creator economy is serious business. With over 200 million influencers and creators fueling this economy (it’s “literally” in the title), they’ve only managed to capture $16 billion of its value. The hard reality is that even if you manage to gain an audience for your content. The corporate gatekeepers could care less about rewarding you for it. This way of doing business with creators is not sustainable and no longer acceptable. That's where the underrated LUKSO Network comes into play.

While it may be true that Twitter has recently been liberated from its psyops mission as the US government's information censorship tool. That’s not the case for many companies that still stifle information by censoring content. The recent TikTok uproar also shines a light on where all this content is stored. Upset the Facebook overlords and you could find yourself in a time-out.

Blockchain technologies allow ownership and access rights that are not available anyplace else. It’s the perfect landscape for the creative economy to grow into something incredible. We’ve seen this accomplished for a short time in the past by Steemit. Unfortunately, infighting and central control showed its ugly face and ruined what could have been a great thing. But, the blueprint for this type of system has already been minted. Now all it needs is a project with the resources and technology to take the decentralized creator economy to the finish line. That project might just be LUKSO.

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