Parcl Airdrop Strategy: Earn Parcl Points with Real Estate Perps

Parcl Points

Before we get started, this is not a recommendation or endorsement to buy any token(s) mentioned.

Another major Solana DeFi protocol has announced its own “points program” this past week, meaning we likely have months until an imminent token launch.

Parcl is a decentralized perps exchange for speculating on rising and falling real estate markets, one we covered in Wealth Mastery back in June 2023. With Parcl, traders can bet on major city property prices going up or down, including NYC to Miami Beach to Boston to Paris and beyond! Instead of being 3X long SOL, traders can be 3X long Brooklyn or 3X short San Francisco.

Parcl unlocks a multitude of use cases where traders can gain exposure to real estate market prices without owning the underlying--real estate.


The key to Parcl is their price indexes created from millions of real estate data points from cities across the globe. Parcl Labs refines and recalibrates this data to ensure each index mirrors real-time, city-specific real estate values down to the median price per square foot. 

Last Friday, Parcl announced its Parcl Points program went live and that they would begin rewarding activities such as trading, LPs, and referrals.


Parcl users who were active on Parcl V2 and V3 were retroactively rewarded for past trading and LP’ing activities through 21:00 UTC on December 15th, which is now reflected in the Points Page here for Parcl.

In Parcl V3, there is a single unified

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