PEPE Coin – Everything You Need to Know

pepe coin

In this article, we’ll discuss PEPE coin and everything you need to know about this MEME coin gone bonkers. Providing one of the fastest returns on investments for any project launched without a presale in the history of crypto. PEPE came from nowhere and, within a few weeks, made its way into the top 50 cryptos. This week we will look at where PEPE came from, how much PEPE went up, why I bought PEPE and much more. After spendings the past few weeks immersed in the PEPE community, I’ve learned a lot. Now it’s time to share my experience with you.

In case you didn’t already know, I’m not a huge fan of MEME coins or shitcoins. I’ve stuck to my guns for years and learned early in my crypto career not to chase the carrot. Like many others, I take this whole crypto thing very seriously (maybe too seriously at times). I sat on the sidelines throughout the DOGE and SHIB craze. Learn more in my DOGE Vs. Shiba Review. However, unlike many in my camp, I never wished anything bad to happen with either coin. Instead, I view them as experiments in the psychological effects of investing. Being careful not to ridicule anyone who owned MEME coins publicly. But something happened a couple of years ago that changed my view of these coins forever. A realization that brought me to invest in PEPE coin. Not a significant investment, a couple hundred dollars, but still far more than I had invested in any other MEME coins. 

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