Sei Airdrop Strategy: SEI Liquid Staking with Silo

Silo Staking on Sei

Before we get started, this is not a recommendation or endorsement to buy any token(s) mentioned.

In this post, we will cover a newly launched liquid staking protocol for the Sei Network called Silo Staking.

Following the manias around Solana airdrops and Ethereum EigenLayer restaking, there’s new interest shifting to airdrop farmers on Cosmos.

One of the breakout blockchains built on Cosmos, just beginning to launch more DeFi protocols is Sei. Sei is known as the fastest Layer 1 blockchain in the world, allowing for low transaction costs and higher throughput (20k tps).

Since Sei Mainnet launched on August 16, 2023, the biggest story for Sei has been about its price, going from $0.17 up to $0.80, equating to an $8B fully diluted valuation as of this writing.

Many protocols are still being built on Sei and a few have already begun to show promise such as the DEX Astroport, doing over $10M in 24-hour trade volume, Kryptonite offering liquid staking, lending, and borrowing with $1.5M TVL, and now Silo Staking with just under $1M in liquid staked SEI.

Silo Protocol is a pure liquid staking platform that empowers users to optimize and unlock their staked Sei for use across the entire Sei ecosystem. Given the anticipated launch of Sei V2 in early 2024, Silo delivers a timely LST to be used in future DeFi apps built on Sei.

Silo also empowers anyone to participate in the "proof of stake" security of the Sei Network and earn rewards by minting or swapping for iSEI.

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