What is Flow? | How to Buy FLOW in 2022?

what is flow

What is Flow?

Flow is a multifaceted Proof of Stake blockchain that focuses on supporting the network development of the metaverse and Web3 infrastructure. More specifically, Flow is built to support dApps, NFTs, and DAOs.

Flow was brought to fruition by the creators of the famous Crypto Kitties. Before the birth of CryptoPunks, it was Crypto Kitties that wore the NFT crown. Some would say that the creators of Crypto Kitties are the originators of the NFT market you know today. With the success of Crypto Kitties, the team at Flow decided they would seize this opportunity to foster the NFT community in a bigger way.

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Fast forward a couple of years and you’ll find that the “Flowverse” has helped create over 60 unique projects with over 300 companies integrated into the Flow Blockchain going into the second half of 2022.


As you can see, Flow has played a significant role in offering new and interesting additions to the crypto space. This has proved to be a successful venture due in part to a new Smart Contract programming language called Cadence.

This resource-oriented programmable language helped to introduce newer features that enable a greater level of security when executing Smart Contracts. This is achieved through various safety checks built into pre and post-conditions of every transaction. The team decided to abandon Ethereum for their own blockchain out of necessity in 2019. This was in response to the limitations of Ethereum that have remained since 2017 when Crypto Kitties was first launched. At that time these widely loved kitties accounted for 10% of

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