March Altcoin Gems


Starting today, we'll introduce you to a few altcoins with fantastic profit potential every month, kicking it off with the March "Altcoin Gems Report."

March Altcoin Gem: Ternoa (CAPS)

$45 Million Market Cap


Ternoa is a substrate-based NFT protocol that calls Polkadot home. Launched at the end of 2020, Ternoa created a revolutionary new NFT technology called “Capsule.” This new technology allows owners to use NFTs for proprietary decentralized data storage. Allowing for the safe and confidential transfer of data across blockchains by locking NFTs in capsules.

Ternoa is currently in charge of developing all NFT basics for the Polkadot ecosystem and has grown greatly over the past few years to become its own robust Web3 NFT network. With a focus on the privacy of stored information, Ternoa touts anyone's ability to have true ownership over their data. Ternoa lets users combine or split their NFTs into separate parts and share features without transferring ownership. With Ternoa, NFTs can be easily activated on Polkadot even if thay've already minted on other blockchains.

NFTs minted using Ternoa don’t require smart contract functionality due to the high-level javascript programming language developed by Capsule Labs. Capsule is the creator of these Augmented NFTs with virtual communication features and provide the funding and development resources for all ideas that fit the Ternoa ecosystem. 


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