Monthly Crypto Alpha Report – August 2022

Monthly Alpha Report - August 2022

Market Roundup

The Bitcoin monthly chart does not look awesome. The monthly candle is rubbish. Basically showing a complete reversal for BTC. The monthly RSI is near an all time low. The MACD remains in a STRONG downtrend. 

The Ethereum monthly chart at least shows some signs of hope. I am just hoping that it is not simply a final breath before The Merge on September 15th. Previous upgrades led to a continued bullish rally, but that was during a broad bull market. The market conditions are much different now. 

Septembear… some investors think that September is a cursed month. The last 7 of 9 Septembers have been RED. To be honest, it is a meme concept… but, if we can pay any attention to it then at least we can be happy that the last 7 of 9 Octobers have been GREEN!

On Chain data shows some worrying signs. The Bitcoin adjusted SOPR chart shows that investors are cashing out during bear market rallies. In particular that they are selling to “get their money back” at their cost basis. This is likely due to fears that the markets will get much worse. 

The long term holder supply in loss is at near record highs. Long term holders are under extreme pressure at the moment and are being tested in a way that rarely happens in the market. Only 193 out of 4,421 days have seen worse losses. 

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    1. Still holding mine, they are still delivering. The whole metaverse trend is not really a thing right now, but it will be again. Hopefully WILD pumps when everyone freaks out over the Metaverse again!