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Pop Social

We’ve seen more decentralized social networks “pop” up this year than ever before. The newest is Pop Social and the Social Protocol Engine designed to run this new network. But, how does it compare with the other social media networks we’ve discussed this year? Having already reviewed what CyberConnect and LUKSO have to offer the crypto community, it’s time to put Pop Social under the microscope and find out where it fits into the future of Web3 Social Networks.

As a Wealth Mastery Premium subscriber, you’re already familiar with the Pop Social project from last month’s weekly Airdrop Guide. Wanting to carve out its place as one of the premier social networks of the future, Pop Social has a lot of work to do in order to get there. Going up against even the lowest-ranking legacy social networks is a task that won’t be easily accomplished.

Simply democratizing social content isn’t enough to catapult the Pop Social network to stardom. If it was, Steem would be much farther along than it currently is. The real value proposition for the next big social media network has to be made through ease of use and network effects. Otherwise, no-coiners have little incentive to participate. Most people don’t care about the token, they care if their friends and family are using it. So let's discuss where Pop Social stacks up against the competition.

What is Pop Social?

Pop Social
Source: Pop Social

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