Photo NFT’s By Numbers and Top Solana Gaming Coins

NFTs and Solana Gaming

In this issue I speak with the team from Numbers a photo focused NFT platform. “photography #NFTs have a real big shot” says Gary V, and I agree!

Also in this issue a report on what we believe are some of the top current gaming coins in the Solana ecosystem.

Top Solana Gaming Coins by Matt

Solana, the Layer 1 blockchain competitor to Ethereum, took the market by storm in 2021 ending the year in the top 10 cryptos by market cap and leap-frogging some big names in the space such as Cardano, Polkadot and Polygon. Given its lightning-fast transaction speeds, low cost and rapidly expanding ecosystem, Solana is attracting considerable developer interest from the gaming sector which many claim is the crucial link between crypto and mainstream adoption. So, let’s take a look at some of the top gaming projects being built on Solana.

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Arguably the most hyped of them all is Star Atlas. Launched in September, 2021 Star Atlas is a virtual gaming metaverse based in the year 2620.  Players are faction citizens that have the ability to influence intergalactic conflicts and receive rewards for their contributions. 

ATLAS is the native token for the ecosystem and players can buy and sell in-game NFT assets in the Galactic Marketplace. There’s also the POLIS governance token which provides for jurisdictional voting rights and wields political influence in the ecosystem.    

Star Atlas released an extremely cool trailer in October, 2021 featuring cinematic style graphics. However, achieving this visual standard for AAA game play will not be easy. This typically takes several years of development and costs millions of dollars to produce.  

The Star Atlas project is certainly ambitious but they have the potential to be an absolute beast in the space if they can execute their plans. They’ve recruited some amazing talent and have some big backers onboard such as Serum and Animoca Brands who recently committed to purchasing $3 million of Star Atlas NFT Spaceships. 

Sam Bankman-Fried, co-founder of the Solana and Serum projects, and current CEO of the FTX exchange had this to say about the project prior to the token launch.

Photo NFT's By Numbers and Top Solana Gaming Coins - - 2024

ATH Price: $0.267

ATL Price: $0.063

Current Price: $0.088

Current Market Cap: $191.3 million

Aurory (AURY)

Aurory was launched in October, 2021 and aims to be one of the first AAA games on Solana, using similar play-to-earn style game mechanics that have made games like Axie Infinity enormously successful. 

Aurory is a fantasy action, play-to-earn Japanese style role playing game, set in two futuristic worlds called Antik and Cryptos. Users explore these environments and play-catch-earn, one could say like a next generation Pokémon game. Players can earn tokens ($AURY) and NFTs by playing the game, which can then be sold on exchanges or used to buy items in the marketplace and improve their chances of success. Check out the trailer that they released a few months ago here.

Aurory has assembled an incredible team of over 30 animators, artists and developers who have previous experience working with AAA teams such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. They also have an impressive list of investors including Alameda Research and Animoca Brands.

Aside from the play-to-earn gaming crowd, Aurory also aims to attract DeFi enthusiasts by offering staking and NFT collateralisation services. Users can currently stake AURY tokens directly on their website and earn between 34% and 68% APR (varies due to locking period chosen).

ATH Price: $23.29

ATL Price: $12.02

Current Price: $13.06

Current Market Cap: $124.6 million 

CryoWar (CWAR)

Cryowar was launched in November, 2021 and has been several years in development. It is a real-time NFT, multiplayer PVP (Player versus Player) arena game developed using Unreal Engine. Players engage in fierce multi-realm battles in this expansive sci-fi medieval game. Cyrowar aims to become the first major competitive esports blockchain game. Check out their official trailer here

The CWAR token is the governance and utility token of the game and is the medium of exchange in the marketplace. It can also be staked to earn passive income. 

An interesting aspect of the game is that none of the assets in their in-game store give players a competitive advantage. Everyone fights on an even playing field and only skill can carry you up the ranks. Every player has the unique opportunity to protect their realm and earn rewards. Players will also have the option of risking some of their tokens to play against others. There are 3 different characters to choose from and at least 5 more will be rolled out in the future.

Cryowar can be summarised as an amalgam between a traditional gaming experience and the best practices of the blockchain world, DAO voting, NFTs, and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). It also intends to be multi-chain including integration with Polygon scheduled for 2022.

The project has assembled an impressive group of investors including Vendetta Capital, Kucoin Labs, Alameda Research and Animoca Brands.

ATH Price: $6.29

ATL Price: $0.88

Current Price: $0.99

Current Market Cap: $84.3 million

SolChicks (CHICKS)

SolChicks was launched in December, 2021 and aims to be the leading play-to-earn game on Solana. The battle-style game is based around SolChicks who are a proud race of adorable battle chickens. 

There are multiple ways for players to participate with the gameplay largely revolving around Player versus Player (PvP) battles where users are matched against others of similar skills levels. By playing the game you can earn SOLCOINS (SLC) which is the in-game currency of SolChicks and can be used to purchase rare items in the marketplace. Users can also earn CHICKS which is the governance token of the ecosystem. SLC and CHICKS tokens are used to breed new SolChicks and sell them in the marketplace. Other in-game rewards include Shared of Love (SSLC), Tomes of Power (SPOWER) and Tomes of ReLearning (SLEARN) which can be earned through winning battles and later sold in the marketplace. 

The SolChicks launch was massively hyped with multiple launchpads participating in the public sale of the $CHICKS token. The project’s 1st and 2nd round NFT sales were a massive hit and sold out extremely quickly. The game is currently in development however a glimpse of what lies ahead can be experienced by checking out their game demo

ATH Price: $0.506

ATL Price: $0.05

Current Price: $0.058

Current Market Cap: $14.3 million

One to Watch

RaceFi (RACEFI) was launched in December, 2021 and is the first AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) car racing metaverse game built on Solana. You can check out their trailer here

RaceFi will be using a play-to-earn model and is scheduled to be released in Q1/2 this year. Players can earn by playing the game or by purchasing in-game NFT assets such as cars, land, racetrack sections, gas stations, garages and billboards. Owners of the RaceFi token will also have access to staking services to earn passive income. 

ATH Price: $0.848

ATL Price: $0.363

Current Price: $0.367

Current Market Cap: n/a

Blockchain gaming is just getting started and Solana is attracting plenty of developers to its ecosystem given its unmatched speed and low-cost transactions, essential elements that are required for new gaming projects to thrive. The market is shaping up to be extremely competitive as projects aggressively compete for user adoption and community support in an attempt to wrestle market share from traditional gaming counterparts. It’s very difficult at this nascent stage to predict with any confidence who the winners and losers will be, however one thing is for sure though, Solana gaming is here to stay. 

Numbers Interview

For anyone not familiar what is Numbers? 

Numbers Protocol is a decentralized photo network for creating community, value, and trust in digital media.

With trust in digital media at an all-time low, Numbers Protocol aims to bring integrity and authenticity to the digital content space by creating a decentralized photo network where assets are both traceable and verifiable through its innovative Capture, Seal, Trace process. Built from the ground up, by decentralized communities. With the freedom to debate, narrate and analyze. Where your future is user-owned and created by our community.  

Numbers Protocol is THE comprehensive solution that addresses the 4 pillars of the digital media problems: ownership, copyright, provenance and ecosystem. In doing so we are establishing an authentic, secure and decentralized photo network in the Web3.0 space.

To achieve the goal, we need to redefine digital media as assets for Web3.0

Today photos are just raw images or videos. Empty with no information. Images and videos created with Numbers Protocol, which we coin as ‘Captures’, are multi-layer containers with embedded ownership, context, photo provenance, creator signature and on-chain records to keep images and videos traceable, verifiable and unique. 

When Captures are shared and downloaded over the web, the information remains with the asset. Additionally, as a native content protocol, Numbers makes it possible for the digital creations themselves, not tokens, to truly be owned.

Numbers is building a decentralized photo network for creating community, value, and trust in digital media. Its Numbers Protocol redefines the nature of digital visual media as assets and is the backbone of a suite of tools for registering and retrieving photos and videos in the Numbers network — the Capture app, Seal API, and Trace website — plus the CaptureClub marketplace and a proprietary NFT Search Engine. Numbers champion the purity of digital media and enable people to think more critically about the interactions between our images and the world around us.

Website | Twitter | Telegram| Discord | Medium

What does the NUM token do? 

NUM is the native protocol token for the Numbers Protocol Decentralized Photo Network. As a utility token, NUM holders can utilize the token to pay for services within the network. These services, which we refer to as Network Actions, include asset registration, listing onto network marketplaces, and storage onto more robust forms of decentralized storage. As the Numbers ecosystem develops, the number of Network Actions will increase and stretch into other areas such as social media, news, gaming, and entertainment.

As a community-driven photo network, Numbers Protocol will also leverage NUM rewards to incentivize adoption and contributions to the network. This is done in 4 ways: Staking, Integrity Reward, Verification Reward, and Governance. Further details are explained in the wiki page :  

Reference read : 

Numbers Protocol Asset deflationary and Token Economy

Why do you believe NFTs and photos are good together? 

When you think about it, digital media is a big part of our lives but it has problems. Tons of copyright violations, increasing amounts of fake news & misinformation, and censorship are just a few major problems our digital media faces.

2.5 Billion Unlicensed Images are stolen everyday amounting to 600 Billion in damages daily. Our actions whether we know it or not create countless copyright violations that rob the livelihoods of creators. We use the web everyday and enjoy our Netflix, memes and instant searches but when we peel back the layers there is a lot of distrust. So what is being done?

Numbers recognized the problems of digital media and the importance of maintaining its integrity so in 2019 we set out to solve the issue by first focusing on the fake news & misinformation aspect of it. Our approach led us to the creation of our Capture, Seal, Trace protocol which is the foundation of our decentralized photo network.

Web 3.0, the “Semantic Web”, represents the internet’s next evolution, a decentralized platform focusing on content-based search results. With our mission to redefine the nature of digital visual media as assets, our innovative Search Engine for NFTs that is in line with the core characteristics and values of Web 3.0.

NFT Search Engine : 

Who are your biggest partners and how do they contribute to your success? 

So far, our partners are mainly NFT marketplaces, specifically Refinable and NFTrade. As one of the top 10 marketplaces by volume, we are excited to work with partners that share the same enthusiasm for authentic digital content.

Our NFT search engine supports Opensea, Rarible, SuperRare and many other marketplaces on Ethereum. Support for Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and even Solana will be coming soon.

Besides marketplaces, we also partner with other basic services such as NFT Explore so users can see the comprehensive history of browsed NFTs. We definitely also want to expand the collaboration to browsers, to decentralized publishers, etc.

NFTs is only one type of digital media, there is a lot more to explore. Web3 social media is another area we are exploring.

This sounds a lot, but actually if you think about how Instagram and Google affect our daily life, this is just the first step and we believe with the co-create and co-earn Web3 model, Numbers photo network can do more.

What is your plan to onboard users? 

In order to get more users on board, easy-to-use applications are a must. Capture App/CaptureClub and NFT Search Engine are applications that allow users to experience the one-click photo NFT generating/listing and checking the authenticity of their NFT.

Capture App is the world’s first blockchain camera built for Web3.0, the first NFT camera, and also the first wallet for photo assets. 

With Capture App, users can establish ownership and context at the moment of creation. The information is sealed on the blockchain and users can access ecosystem applications from the App without the reliance of third-party platforms.

Photo NFT's By Numbers and Top Solana Gaming Coins - - 2024

As the world’s FIRST photo NFT and blockchain camera, Capture APP promises to bring additional excitement to a growing photo NFT trend by marrying together NFT accessibility with the trust and security of Numbers Capture, Seal, Trace technology.

Creating an NFT and not being able to showcase or earn from it is BORING! So the FIRST Network Action we bring to you is CaptureClub listing. CaptureClub is Numbers’s first in-network NFT marketplace and contains a rich collection of digital art and photos. Like everything in Capture APP, listing is done in-app easily with just a few clicks. Integration of NUM into Capture APP in-app wallet is another Network Action we are thrilled to bring to our community.  

Download, Install and start your #Capture2Earn journey! 

NFTs are an exciting field but they unfortunately experience a lot of the same issues that regular digital media experience.

While the NFT craze was going on, we correctly identified that ownership and blockchain record was not enough to ensure the authenticity of digital assets. So we created the NFT Search Engine as a Numbers Protocol network tool.

Users can use the NFT Search Engine to search for NFTs. With it you can identify how tokens are in circulation and also identify whether or not a NFT has been minted by different people signifying a violation. 

Photo NFT's By Numbers and Top Solana Gaming Coins - - 2024

NFT Search Engine is the first Web 3.0 search engine. Users can upload an NFT image or video and view its history. This includes when it was first sold, how many tokens were minted, etc. This helps users verify whether the NFTs sold in the marketplace is the real one, and can also help users check if the NFTs they own are truly unique.

Currently, Search Engine coverage includes leading marketplaces such as OpenSea (including OpenSea Collection), Foundation, Rarible, SuperRare, Refinable, and CaptureClub with hopes of achieving full coverage in the near future. 

In the near future, we will soon launch NFT Certificate – a feature extension of NFT Search Engine that provides assurances that simple blockchain records cannot provide. Unlike other certificates that are showcased to provide an illusion of credibility, NFT Certificates are wallet verified substance-based authenticity assurances based on multi-level assurances (CID-based scan, AI-based Similar-Image scan) and community reporting.

Start our search today : 

Can you tell us a bit about the team and what experience they have to make Numbers a success

In Numbers, we believe everyone is a single number. A single number may mean nothing by itself, but together we become powerful and can make changes.

Tammy, our founder and Chief Product Officer, is a data scientist and a particle physics Ph.D. graduate from Manchester University. 

Her thesis was about looking for the Higgs Boson from massive data generated from hadron collider. Before founding Numbers, she worked for Canonical, Viscovery, and DT42 as a software engineer, tech lead, AI developer, CEO, and founder. She is an animal lover and has strong faith in data freedom. She has a great curiosity about the world and loves to analyze everything in life to discover the rules behind it.

Sofia, our Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer of Numbers. She has 8+ experience in business development and marketing. Before joining Numbers, she worked for an AI startup and an intellectual property valuation firm as a sales and the head of business development. 

She is always up for new challenges and embraces new technologies, highly believes that technology should be used to bring good to society. 

Bofu, our founder and  Chief Technology Officer,  is a software engineer and architect who has 15+ years of experience in data engineering, embedded systems, AI, and IoT. 

He is an Arm innovator, the top-five open-source developer of Taiwan 2017, and the consultant and opinion leader of blockchain and data policy in Taiwan. 

He is also the architect and developer of BerryNet and Mediant open-source projects. He has strong faith in FLOSS, internet freedom and is very active in the open-source community. Although he spent most of his lifetime in the software industry, his love for fried chicken is more than software!

Ethan, our global developer community manager, does many things for us here at Numbers. Having received his Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech University, he is a member of our development team and has a good understanding of our technology and products. 

He also has extensive experience growing communities having served as a social media for Jeremey Lin’s inaugural Dota2 esports team in 2016. He looks forward to interacting with our community and our project.

Beyond that, the rest of the team split between excellent backend, front-end engineers, and a bit of marketing. As we grow, we are constantly looking for talents with the same belief and willingness to grow together. 

What comes next for Numbers?

2021 is absolutely a fruitful year for Numbers Protocol and $NUM and we are looking forward to an even better 2022! 

Here is a recap of 2021, invite you all to have a read and see what we have achieved in 2021. 

In our project roadmap (, you can see many things queuing in the line including expanding the ecosystem, new product features and governance program! 

Another important mission in 2022 is to really show people the economy of the $NUM token and its role in Web 3.0. We hope everyone in the community can experience #CapturetoEarn and #VerifytoEarn. Also, the consumption path in the App through many ecosystem applications will be also more clear. Let’s make 2022 a NUM year 💪


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